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Easy mobile portfolio

With Showcase you have
your best work on your own iPad on the go.

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Put your work online and just sync it with your iPad.

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your contact information.

Wanna play with birds, or make some money?

Your work + Showcase = Winning

Ever been in a conversation where you tried to explain that killer project but it just didn't hit the spot? Like the oldest quote in the book, a picture is worth a thousand words, your story needs visual backup. Now with Showcase, rescue is here, because you have your best work on your iPad on the go. Just swipe trough your awesome cases, tap one and start telling the story... BOOM!
Perfect for photographers, webdesigners, graphic designers and soon for video artists!

Setup? Even your mom can do it!

With Showcase we want you to be up and running in minutes because who want's to read the manual, right? Specially for Showcase we made a nice place where you can upload your cases and download them to Showcase on your iPad.
Why not sync with iTunes, we hear you think. With Showcase you have the ability to share your cases so simple images alone won't do the trick. Showcase gives you the ability to add text to your case so the Suit understands the story behind the case.

Share your finest pieces

You've done your killer pitch-talk and the Suit has shown his interest. Now what? You can give him your business card, which probably will end up in his pile of cards. Bummer! Now with Showcase you can share your case with your contact information right away. This way the Suit can check your case when he's back at the office and give you that kick-ass project. It's that easy.